How to Detox Your Body the Healthy Way

Detoxing tends to get confused with doing juice and water fasts, which aren’t the best thing for your body. However, detoxing itself can be really good for you, and simply involves removing all those toxins from your body. Here are some ways you can detox your body the healthy way.

Why Should You Try a Detox?

Getting rid of toxins certainly sounds nice, but many detox skeptics want to know: what health benefits do detox diets have? Ridding the body of toxins has a big impact on the body, the mind, and on future lifestyle choices. For one thing, detoxing can boost energy. That’s because it leaves the body so hydrated, which is a leading cause of fatigue.

Detoxing is also a great way to press reset on your diet. Getting rid of toxins can reduce cravings for toxic foods filled with processed ingredients and sugar. It can reverse longtime dietary habits and give people the boost they need to make healthier choices.

Making healthy choices is closely tied to mood and mental health. When people detox, they cut out the foods that make blood sugar spike. This helps to normalize the production of stress hormones like cortisol. The detox process can help people with anxiety minimize their feelings of stress.

Avoid These Common Mistakes

Make sure you don’t confuse a detox with a juice cleanse. These are not the same thing, as detoxing is just about cleansing your body of toxins, while juice cleanses are very restrictive and not always good for you.

Being Sedentary

Just as movement stimulates and strengthens our muscles and bones, exertion causes the same positive result for the body’s bloodstream and lymphatic system (two metabolic components critical to the detoxification process). Exercise also precipitates perspiration. As we sweat, toxins leave our bodies. Therefore, the more we exercise, the faster and more efficiently our bodies can rid themselves of detrimental substances.

Ignoring Organic Foods

Scientists, nutritionists and health coaches believe adopting a diet rich in organic produce and meat products will significantly reduce the amount of bodily toxins we harbor. Organic produce is not exposed to the pesticides used on non-organic produce. In addition, the meat from animals who were fed only organic feed contains far fewer toxins than that which is derived from cattle and poultry that was not. Check out your local farm stand, and farmers markets. 

Failing to Watch Your Diet

Consuming a strictly organic diet might not be feasible for everyone. However, the consumption of more vegetables, fruits, grain products, beans and legumes like nuts will go a long way toward cleansing disease-inducing substances from your system. Not only do these edibles contain numerous health-boosting and disease-fighting nutrients and minerals, but are also grown naturally and therefore not exposed to the preservatives and chemicals often found in the canned and frozen foods that comprise a large percentage of many of our diets.

Not Hydrating

Most of us are chronically dehydrated. Water promotes detoxification by providing an avenue for toxins to exit the body. The more fluids we ingest, the more effective our bodies will be at flushing harmful substances away.

Neglecting Your Sleep

A lack of sleep results in our bodily systems not being given adequate rest. This could result in manifestations like weight gain, fatigue and a weakened immune system. Such conditions provide a fertile environment for toxins to gain strength, multiply and cause significant, if not serious, potentially life-threatening medical concerns to occur. We should, on average, be getting anywhere from seven to eight hours of sleep per evening. Create a bed time ritual and make sleep a priority.

Ignoring Stress

The most immediate manifestation of stress we typically feel is tension. Tension results in excessive worry. This domino effect can lead to a lack of sleep, an improper diet, weight gain and illness. It is important to channel your stress in a positive activity such as exercising and yoga. However, under no circumstances should the impact of stress be ignored. Failure to manage stress properly almost guarantees health and psychological problems down the road

Healthy Smoothies for a Detox

Here are some smoothies you can try for detoxing your body:

Fruity Breakfast Smoothie

Detox smoothies are a favorite of one-day detox dieters. To make a great breakfast detox smoothie, it’s important to load the drink with detoxifying ingredients, like:

Strawberries: Strawberries are high in fiber, which will kick the digestive system into gear first thing in the morning.

Banana: Including half a banana in a breakfast smoothie will give dieters their daily dose of potassium.

Peanut Butter: A few dollops of peanut butter will give dieters the healthy protein they need to stay energized all day long.

Green Lunchtime Smoothie

For lunch, mix up a detox smoothie with some of the following ingredients:

Ginger: This spice helps to stimulate the digestive system and improve circulation. Healthy circulation ensures that the toxin-flushing kidneys are working at peak performance.

Avocado: People who aren’t used to the detox process may get hungry. To fight hunger, include healthy fats in smoothies. Avocados are filling and super nutritious, making them an excellent addition to lunchtime smoothies.

Lemon Juice: Lemon juice is also a digestive aid. This citrus juice boosts saliva production as well, which improves liver function.

Apple: Fiber is an essential digestive aid. Apples are a great source of fiber, and they add a pleasant texture and flavor to green smoothies.

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