kelsey-picAbout Kelsey

She is a certified Health Coach. Kelsey received her training from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.  Her passion for health began with her own journey with PCOS.  Her symptoms started at 14 with painful cysts that landed her in and out of the hospital, and weight gain. During her teenage years she struggled with PCOS symptoms, without knowing what was causing all the problems. It was not until she was 21 that she was formally diagnosed with PCOS. She delved into finding a holistic way of working with her PCOS. Through her own research and trial and error she has been able to thrive with PCOS.  Kelsey has made it her mission to support women to find balance with their hormones and their lives.

At the Institute of Integrative Nutrition she learned about every diet from raw foods to paleo. She studied how our environment affects our health. We learned about Primary and secondary foods. Primary foods are our relationships, curriers and things that feed our souls and secondary foods are what we eat. Our teachers included Dr. Andrew Weil, Dr. Mark Hyman and many other well redound teachers in the natural medicine field. We learned how to conduct coaching sessions and some workshops.

Kelsey has been practicing yoga since childhood and is a lifelong meditator. She is registered through Yoga Alliance. Kelsey has studied many types of yoga and mostly teaches Vinyasa Flow.

She graduated from IIN in December of 2013. In May of 2014 she purchased a local Yoga studio. She began teaching multiple yoga classes per week and seeing health coaching clients there.

During her free time she often watch documentaries and read books and articles on food, food practices and other health practices. She is a self- proclaimed health dork. She honed ways of incorporating vegetables in to meals without the knowledge of her family. Cooking has become a way to incorporate her passion for health with her family.

Originally from Boulder, CO, she now lives in Wells River Vermont with her husband and children. In addition to yoga she has studied herbalism and meditation. Kelsey’s classes are accessible to all. She honors that everyone is at a different level. She is also available for private lessons and small groups.